Have you ever been to a really tall building and ridden an elevator up to the top? Elevators can lift a lot of weight. That’s because elevators use pulleys!

A pulley is an example of a simple machine. There are six types of simple machines:

  1. Pulley
  2. Wheel and axle
  3. Inclined plane
  4. Wedge
  5. Lever
  6. Screw

Simple machines help make work easier. They are called simple because they have few or no moving parts.

Diagram showing the parts of a pulley and how a pulley works. Rope, wheel, force, and object.

A pulley is made up of a wheel that you loop a rope over. Pulleys make it easier to lift things, even if it's heavy. That's because a pulley system redirects the force you need to lift something. Instead of pushing or pulling something up with your arms, you can use a pulley to pull the rope downward and the rope will pull the object up. It's easier to pull something down than push something up!

Test it out! Find something heavy at home, like a jug of milk or a basket with toys or books in it. Tie a rope around your object. Grab the rope and try to pull it up. It's pretty heavy, huh? Now loop the rope over something, like a doorknob. Pull down on the rope. Doesn't that feel easier?

With a pulley, you can lift things that you wouldn't normally be able to pick up on your own. Pulleys make work easier.

You can find pulleys used in everyday life. We talked about how an elevator uses a pulley. Other examples of pulleys in use are wells and cranes.

DIY Elevator STEM project for kids to learn engineering.

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Free STEM lesson on pulleys and simple machines. Engineering for kids.